Mobile application and breast cancer

I recently read about this iPhone application at Breast oncology nurses fan page. This is a simple and free mobile application that allows women and men to track their chemotherapy, medication type, schedule and dose- iChemodiary. The information can be shared with physicians and nurses and can be downloaded to a computer.

Another free phone application is tailored to breast cancer symptoms and understanding the diagnostic steps-pathology and other tests and how to interpret these reports-Breast cancer diagnostic guide.You can also input your diagnosis and read an explanation of terms and other articles pertinent to it. A breast cancer risk calculator is also available for iPhone. It is dependent on Gail model, which assess breast cancer risk based on age at first menstrual period, age at first pregnancy, number of breast biopsies and number of first degree relatives diagnosed with breast cancer.

There are other software applications worth mentioning also. One is BRCAPRO, which calculates the risk for breast cancer in women with multiple family members diagnosed with breast cancer. Another application is Adjuvant!online. This web application allows for calculation of the risk for recurrence in women based on age, stage of breast cancer, grade, number of lymph nodes, estrogen receptor status and intended chemotherapy and hormonal treatment. Both are somewhat more complicated for use without the help of specialists.

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